Cognitive Screening

Cognitive impairment in older adults has a variety of possible causes, including medication side effects, metabolic and/or endocrine issues, delirium due to an illness, depression, dementia, heart disease, vascular disease, being the most common. Some causes like medication side effects, some chronic conditions, and depression, can be reversed with treatment. Others, such as Alzheimer’s disease, cannot be reversed, but symptoms can be treated for a period of time and families can be prepared for predictable changes.

Cognitive screening is similar to having a baseline screening of your cholesterol or blood pressure. The screening checks for subtle changes to your memory and thinking. If changes are detected, we can provide you with assistance and resources that will help you with your cognition, brain health and overall health.

The cognitive screening is conducted at our office and is comprised of a series of questions and tasks that take about 20-25 minutes with the use of a computer.